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Iconizer Personal License:

The Iconizer Personal License is specifically designed for personal use or projects. By obtaining the Iconizer Personal License, you agree to the following terms:


The Iconizer Personal License grants you the right to use Iconizer icons for personal projects or non-commercial purposes only.You can use Iconizer icons in personal websites, blogs, social media posts, presentations, or any other non-commercial projects.


The Iconizer Personal License limits the usage of icons to personal projects or non-commercial purposes only.You are allowed to use a maximum of 100 Iconizer icons per personal project.

Prohibited Use:

Under the Iconizer Personal License, you are strictly prohibited from using Iconizer icons in any commercial projects or for any commercial purposes.Sublicensing, reselling, sharing, transferring, or redistributing Iconizer icons or modified versions of Iconizer icons is not allowed under this license.

Copyright Notice:

When using Iconizer icons under the Iconizer Personal License, it is required to include the following Copyright Notice:

Copyright (C) Iconizer

Iconizer Icons

The Iconizer icons are copyrighted, and redistribution is not permitted. Usage in personal projects, in source and binary forms, with or without modification, is allowed if you possess a valid Iconizer Personal License.

Please note that the Iconizer Personal License is distinct from the Iconizer Pro License and is specifically intended for personal use only. If you require commercial usage rights or additional permissions beyond personal use, please consider obtaining the appropriate license.

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